About Us

Age Positive People Solutions

Employing and working collaboratively with the right people is critical to achieving ongoing business success.

Hire Wisdom closes the gap between the people you have and the people you need by leveraging and developing mature talent.


A story about us

As experienced business professionals ourselves, we appreciate and are passionate about enabling mature talent find their next challenge.

In sharing our commitment to building diverse and inclusive workplaces, we partner with corporate, government and private enterprises of all sizes to ensure that our clients make smart recruitment decisions. After all, wise and experienced talent offer a long list of professional benefits for businesses.

Our team specialises in bringing the best candidates together with the right opportunities for the good of everyone.

About Our Director

Darren is a strategic thinking senior executive with over 30 years of leadership experience in end to end human resource function, specifically in employee/industrial relations and recruitment.

Darren has played leading and contributing roles to business performance and draws together a powerful combination of technical and intuitive decision making that enables him to drive commercially successful campaigns. Darren’s strongly honed interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills have also been key contributors to successfully influence and manage people, issues, constraints, risks and opportunities across a range of Australian and global sectors.

With a professional reputation of being innovative in his field, passionate and charismatic with a high level of integrity, he is a sought-after senior executive, in particular during times where transformation is needed.