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We are living in a fast-paced era, both professionally and personally. Trends change, technology progresses, challenges appear, and opportunities arise.  At Hire Wisdom, we believe that organisations of all sizes set the pace of progress through a diverse and multi-generational workforce.

Our mission is to support smart business decisions by securing highly experienced and skilled professionals to work in your team.

Our Director

Darren is a strategic thinking senior executive with over 30 years of leadership experience in end to end human resource function, specifically in employee/industrial relations and recruitment.

Darren has played leading and contributing roles to business performance and draws together a powerful combination of technical and intuitive decision making that enables him to drive commercially successful campaigns. Darren’s strongly honed interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills have also been key contributors to successfully influence and manage people, issues, constraints, risks and opportunities across a range of Australian and global sectors.

With a professional reputation of being innovative in his field, passionate and charismatic with a high level of integrity, he is a sought-after senior executive, in particular during times where transformation is needed.


Workplace relations has become increasingly complex and navigating the legal issues often requires specialist assistance. These specialised resources are often only be needed for a short time.

As a specialist consultancy we advise employers in the areas of industrial & employee relations, employment law and related matters.

Our expert team has a mix of qualifications, decades of experience and industry knowledge, focused on simple solutions exclusively for employers.

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Find Work: Embrace new opportunities that leverage your years of valuable experience.

Are you looking for your next position from a business who will appreciate your skillset, knowledge and wisdom?

By offering the best advice, we will lead you on the right track towards a continued and rewarding career.

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Find People: Find mature talent that offer new opportunities for your business…

Are you an employer seeking highly-skilled, agile and committed talent?

We ensure you have access to a wide range of competent, action-oriented and resilient individuals – helping you find the perfect match of experienced professionals who will positively contribute to your overall business.

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Some of the industries we work with:

HR Professionals

Industries we work with:

  • Mining

  • Engineering

  • Professional service

  • Construction

  • Transport